Why Gaming Keyboards Are Wired?

Why gaming keyboards are wired? I’m glad you asked! I am of course referring to why you should buy a wire gaming keyboard. Wireless keyboards are nice for using on the couch or in bed, but for gaming where you need to act quickly, they can be pretty awful. Wired keyboards, on the other hand, are the best of both worlds.

Wireless keyboards can interfere with other devices, which might ruin your game. Meanwhile, wired keyboards won’t interfere with your game at all. No interference means you’re always ready to go. Wireless keyboards are great for convenience, but they’re just not necessary for gaming.

Gaming keyboards are wired because they are designed for responsiveness. If one was to use a wireless keyboard, the wireless connection would affect the responsiveness of the keyboard. Wireless keyboards also need to be paired with a wireless receiver in order to operate, which can cause problems when in the middle of play.

Many higher priced gaming keyboards are wired for connection to a desktop or laptop computer. The higher priced wireless alternatives, such as the Logitech® G910 Gaming Keyboard, often include a rechargeable battery and may be more expensive and heavier. Higher priced wireless gaming keyboards also tend to be more expensive and heavier, including the Logitech® G910 Gaming Keyboard.

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